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Employee appreciation is important all year long, but is especially important during the holiday season. Since all jobs require hard work, it is a key element of company empowerment to create a system of appreciation that rewards employees for a job employee-appreciation-ideaswell done.

This also provides a way of showing recognition and encouraging others within the company to strive towards being their best, while also fostering good work ethics in off time interactions.

Some of the best ways to show employee appreciation are simple, but make a lasting impression on the workers and employees in the company scheme.

Employee appreciation can be expressed all year round by having gatherings and events that make time to reward good work.

Their peers, while also demonstrating what it takes to meet the challenges of the work place on an everyday level, recognize individuals.

Here are some examples of how to do this without breaking your company budget this year.

Pizza And A Movieemployee-appreciation-idea

The best employee appreciation events are not planned, but are done in a loosely timed and much less stressful way.

Pizza and a show is a common, yet in expensive way to foster employee appreciation. It can be held at your local pizzeria or you can order multiple pizza pies in house to make a more intimate evening.

Pizza and a movie evenings also make the planning simple, so employees don’t have to use precious work hours planning the appreciation night. It practically plans itself for your needs, so have fun with it.

Appreciation Dinners

atlanta-casino-partyIf your company is all about the formalities, then a more regal style employee appreciation maybe in order.

Hosting a gala appreciation dinner always makes a big impression on the working folk, because they get to see how much the company actually values their hard work.

This means a catered evening, complete with fancy table settings and formal party attire required, but it is worth every penny spent.

It is never bad to spend a little more on employee appreciation dinners, because they leave a lasting memory and make for great morale boosters, especially during the busy holiday or high sales seasons.

Do it up right and make a high-class appreciation dinner, and don’t forget the hand delivered invites.

Other Employee Events

Some of the easiest ways to schedule time for employee appreciation is coordinating this with regular annual events.

Holiday parties during the Christmas and New Years times are normal at most companies, so why not intermix these with a round of toasts for employee

One of the most popular themes for holiday parties is a Casino Night. Your employees will be able to gamble the night away, and maybe win prizes at the end.

Also yearly awards for great work can be announced as part of the festivities. This makes a fun and lighthearted way to get everyone to come to the party, while using time management to create an event that lets everyone applaud their peers in a friendly off time atmosphere.

Think about the many other employee events that your company might use to facilitate employee appreciation and recognition during the holidays.

Employers need to create an appreciation system of recognition and rewards for their employees. This fosters a morale based business ethic and results in better productivity, more interaction within a company and an overall feeling of positivity in the working environment.

Employees are more likely to improve and advance in an environment that rewards and appreciates them for the job they do.


If you have a special event coming up, why not make it a casino theme party?

Based in Atlanta, Funtastic Events has everything you need to hit the jackpot with your guests!casino-theme-party

Whether you are planning for a birthday or bachelor party, corporate event or wedding, we can help make your special day unforgettable!

In order to provide the full experience for your guests, consider the following elements regarding your event:


Let your guests know the theme in advance so they can prepare their best casino costumes – black tie and formal for a Casino Royale type event, or bold and glittery for Vegas style.

Whether by email, social media or traditional mail, your invitation is your guests’ first clue about your event, so make it stand out!

Color Theme

Black, white and red, as the colors of playing cards and dice, are a no-brainer for your color theme.

Add in touches of green for money and casino game tables and you have a ready-made color palette.

Choose table decorations and party favors in these colors to complete the look.


atlanta-casino-partySpeaking of decorations, there are so many fun items you can choose from to enhance your casino atmosphere.

You can decorate tables with red and black confetti and balloons, centerpieces that feature playing cards or dice and tableware in your theme colors.

Around the room, you can feature casino banners, signs for Las Vegas and more balloons and streamers in your colors. Even the food can get involved with decorated desserts featuring playing cards or poker chips and drink glasses with fun decorations.

The only limit is your imagination!


Any great party needs great music. Your playlist can include songs about Las Vegas, gambling, taking chances, card games or even loving and losing, for fun. Keep the mood upbeat so your guests will be, too.

Casino Games

Naturally, your casino party must include casino games. You can set up card and game table stations for your guests to try their hand at several different

Your budget, as well as the number of guests, may determine how many tables you have, but whatever your choice, Funtastic Events can provide tables as well as croupiers for games such as blackjack, roulette and poker.

When it comes time to plan your next casino event, call on Funtastic Events to make your Atlanta Casino Party one-of-a-kind.

Whatever your event, venue or budget, we can create a party that your guests will love and talk about for a long time to come.

Gambling may be a risk, but one thing you can bet on is your guests having a fabulous time!


Funtastic Events is the best fun-loving events planner in Georgia and the Southeast USA – and they have a fantastic idea for you.

poker-charity-eventThey have been in business since 1985 and have done over 6200 events. They even wrote the book on Casino Party Fundraisers.

If you are on the management board of a Non-Profit Organization, or if you are an affiliate of such an organization, you might like to consider this idea: A no-pressure Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Night.

This is the sort of event that people enjoy attending. If you plan the event to maximize the fun and entertainment potential of this game, with help from Funtastic Events, you’ll be providing an enjoyable experience and running a great fund-raiser, both at the same time.

Here’s how it’s done – First of all, it’s a good idea to select a Management Committee. Each of the members of the committee should be take a particular role in the event’s organization.

For instance, these roles can be allocated:

  • Reception Committee
  • Emcee of the night
  • Coordinators of the foods and beverages
  • A team who will be responsible for the venue
  • A team who will take care of Publicity
  • A team who will organize the raffle and prizes
  • A team who will organize the Poker game

Once these people have been selected, they can begin to create a night of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker that all the guests texas-hold-em-poker-nightwill appreciate.

The event venue should be large enough to accommodate a number of round poker tables as well as a Reception Area.

The gaming equipment, such as Poker tables that seat 8 to 10 people with professional speed cloths, playing cards and poker chips can be rented from Funtastic Events.

As people may arrive at different times for the event, the Reception Committee should be in place to welcome people at least an hour before the night’s entertainment begins.


Invitations for the night must be sent out, either by post or by email. Allow plenty of time for the invites to come back. It’s often best to provide a discount on ticket prices if they reply and buy tickets early.

Depending on the number of RSVP’s organizers should know how many tables to hire for the poker players.

atlanta-charity-eventsSome extra tables can be set out around the venue for friends and family of the attendees.

As soon as the evening’s participants have arrived, the Emcee can open the occasion with a speech about the Charity that the night’s funds are going to.

This can be an inspiring part of the proceedings and it may ensure that donors to particular charities will return, as their charitable efforts are going to be validated in such a pleasurable manner.

The Team who have been designated to organize the Poker game, should make sure that several copies of the rules of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker are displayed around the poker tables.

Not all guests will be familiar with the rules of this game. The Emcee of the night or Pit Boss should take on the task of informing the attendees about the rules of the Poker tournament, as well as answering questions and monitoring the clock to rotate the games.

The Emcee, or another designated Speaker can also welcome the evening’s participants and share some interesting news about the Charity of the Night.


One of the best ways to help raise funds for a Poker Tournament is through table sponsorship.

Many groups cover the entire cost of their event through sponsorships. The going rate for sponsors is typically $500 to $1000 per table.

You might also get the bar and food sponsored as well.


atlanta-charity-eventAs an extra fundraising activity and one that will make the event more exciting, a raffle should be organized.

Local businesses will probably be willing to donate gifts, especially when they are told that their gifts will be prominently displayed with plenty of information about their business on view to generate extra publicity.

Raffle tickets can be sold at a separate table arranged for this purpose. Don’t forget to supply the raffle ticket sellers with a roll of duplicate raffle tickets.


Larger donation items may be auctioned off, either through a Silent or Live Auction.

Normally, you would reserve items that have a value of over $500 and above for a Live Auction.

Items such as vacation packages, expensive jewelry, mountain cabin weekends and even golf carts are usually popular for live auctions.


The Reception Committee at the door will be busy with the task of registering attendees and accepting payments. The price of charity-poker-tournament-atlantaattending the event should be set at $100.00 or more, as this will highlight the prestige of the occasion.

Prior payments can be acknowledged with a stamped receipt or cash can be receipted.

Receipts should verify each tax-free contribution. Each $100.00 entry fee may be worth 4 tickets representing an assumed fictitious value of $5000.00 each.

If it is permitted in your jurisdiction, a food and beverages stall can be set up, so that players can purchase something to eat and drink as the evening wears on.

Restaurants in the local area may be happy to provide some foods and beverages for free in exchange for publicity, or the price of these can be taken out of the fees from the ticket sales.

Event Times

The event should run for two to three hours, so a food and drinks bar will probably be welcomed. This way, additional funds can be raised for the Charity as well.

The hours of 7 pm – 11:00 pm are usually considered to be appropriate hours for a night of entertainment.atlanta-charity-poker-tournament

The first hour may be allocated to Reception and welcoming the guests and the remaining two and one half hours can be dedicated to playing the game of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

Remind your guests that no real money is to be used in the poker game. Players will bet on the poker chips provided by Funtastic Events, the organization that is sponsoring the event.

If you think a night of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker sounds like an exciting way to raise funds for the charity organization that you represent, give Funtastic Events a call now.

They will help you to make this night a great fundraiser and one that is worth remembering.

Call Today



atlanta casino rentalsAtlanta Casino Rentals – A popular theme for any party is the Casino Party, but before you get too invested in this particular theme, make certain you know the rules.

Many question the legality of casino party rentals, but with due diligence and careful planning you can make it a night to remember.

Rules to Follow

Most states have no problem with a casino party, but there are rules you need to follow in order to keep your night fun, entertaining, and above all, legal.

1) No currency can change hands at a casino-themed party. This means no equal exchange between real money and play money, or real money and casino chips. Many fundraising groups will sell raffle tickets ant then offer free play money with the raffle tickets.

You cannot legally gamble with money at a casino party, nor can you even dole out cash prizes. You can make the night entertaining by awarding various prizes that gamers can win as a result of playing the game.

2) The host must be in charge of prize dispersal.

The company being hired to perform the casino night can be paid to provide the prizes, but the host must be in charge of how they are earned and delivered to the party rentals

3) The dealers cannot be tipped at the table.

It is not illegal for dealers to accept tips, but it is considered good etiquette and the law to offer such gratuity when they are away from the table.

With that being said a casino party is a raucous good time for all and a night to truly let loose and enjoy yourself. So long as no actual money is changing hands, it is a perfectly legal and entertaining time for all.

When you think of Atlanta Casino Rentals, think of Funtastic Events. We’ve run and managed over 6000 fun events since 1985.



Christmas has always been a time to bring up cheer at home. There are several theme-based ways of how to put up a great Christmas cheer.

These can involve a casino themed party, or you organize Christmas party games for adults. Below is a guide of how to have a How to Have a Perfect Christmas Partyperfect Christmas party for adults.

Casino Tables

Casino tables are your best bet when it comes to Christmas party games for adults. That’s because they offer the best variety of games for your adult audience.

Another advantage is the joy that one derives when winning prizes at the end of the event.

Create Themes

Theme based Christmas parties always create the best atmosphere. One way to achieve this is by choosing a theme.

For example, the drinks can be from a particular brand and clothes also coming from a particular area or color.

Remember Your Twenties

You should consider having fun using your twenties memory. Casino tables are the best bet when it comes to adults.

Another option for you to consider is putting on a rugged look. That can involve you going back to your wardrobe and grabbing those college attires that you loved back in the days.

Ugly Sweater

Do you still have that ugly sweater that your favorite aunt or uncle gave you? You should grab it for your adult casino party.

These bring out that cheerful laugh from your friend as you recall your reactions from the many teases from classmates and friends.

Food Choices

Food choices are another point that will come in handy as you consider your options for a Christmas adult’s party.

christmas party games for adultsThere are several ways to go around this. Starting from the many factories that sell ready to eat food, to your self-cooking, you should not worry about food.

You can also decide to use adult casino tables. One point to consider is the starters. That’s because these are your best when it comes to casino party food as compared to full meals.

For example, put stuffed mushrooms, spring rolls, cheese, meatball, and devilled eggs.


The above guide on how to have a perfect Christmas party for adults should make it easier for you to organize a casino party.

You should keep in mind that the best way to go around this is to host parties that have fun and games.