atlanta casino rentalsAtlanta Casino Rentals – A popular theme for any party is the Casino Party, but before you get too invested in this particular theme, make certain you know the rules.

Many question the legality of casino party rentals, but with due diligence and careful planning you can make it a night to remember.

Rules to Follow

Most states have no problem with a casino party, but there are rules you need to follow in order to keep your night fun, entertaining, and above all, legal.

1) No currency can change hands at a casino-themed party. This means no equal exchange between real money and play money, or real money and casino chips. Many fundraising groups will sell raffle tickets ant then offer free play money with the raffle tickets.

You cannot legally gamble with money at a casino party, nor can you even dole out cash prizes. You can make the night entertaining by awarding various prizes that gamers can win as a result of playing the game.

2) The host must be in charge of prize dispersal.

The company being hired to perform the casino night can be paid to provide the prizes, but the host must be in charge of how they are earned and delivered to the party rentals

3) The dealers cannot be tipped at the table.

It is not illegal for dealers to accept tips, but it is considered good etiquette and the law to offer such gratuity when they are away from the table.

With that being said a casino party is a raucous good time for all and a night to truly let loose and enjoy yourself. So long as no actual money is changing hands, it is a perfectly legal and entertaining time for all.

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