Atlanta Christmas Entertainment – Do something exciting this holiday season by having a holiday event or party. We have the Atlanta Christmas EntertainmentChristmas entertainment you are looking for.

Funtastic Events presents a Casino Party that will reinvent your holiday season with a new tradition.

Make this holiday season memorable by having an Atlanta Christmas Entertainment party that will keep your guest talking for years.

When it comes to the holiday season no party is complete without entertainment, dining, and dancing. You will also need activities to keep your guest entertained. Here are some options to make your Atlanta

Christmas Entertainment party successful:


An organized party that keeps your guests entertained.

When organizing this type of party theme don’t forget to involve dance performances.

Here are some options for your Atlanta Christmas entertainment theme party:


Music is one of the most important choices you can make for your party. You can include a band, DJ or recorded music to help complete your memorable event.

Music helps create a joyous atmosphere and puts your guest in the holiday cheer.

Atlanta Casino PartyHoliday Party Atlanta

With an Atlanta Casino Party it will step your party up a notch.

You can include prizes for your party guest while they enjoy their favorite casino games.

The casino dealers can also teach them new games that will entertain your guests for hours.


Make a magical memory by including magicians in your theme holiday party.

Atlanta Caricature Artists

Your guests will enjoy the attention and the cartoon characters created for them to take home.

This piece of memorable art can be cherished for years to come.

Atlanta Elvis ImpersonatorCelebrity Impersonators

Your party guests will enjoy a celebrity Impersonator. This will make them feel as if they are at Hollywood party.

They will enjoy the meet and greet as well as the photo shoot with their favorite celebrity.

Fortune Teller

You can include a Tarot Card Reading, Palm Reading, Crystal Ball Reading, or Astrology Reading. This will surely entice your guest as everyone loves hearing about what their future holds.

We have what you need to complete your Atlanta Christmas Entertainment needs.


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