The holiday season is a great time to come together and celebrate with all of your family and friends, as well as show your appreciation for all of your employees and clients that you associate with throughout the year.

Typically, if you are planning on holding a holiday party at any kind of an outside venue, the best time to begin any kind of planning for this kind of an event is between June and September. This is because many of these venues run the risk of being booked up by the month of October.Atlanta Holiday Party

Here are three of the most popular Atlanta holiday party theme ideas to consider for your next get-together!

Atlanta Casino Party

This type of theme is really exciting. Even better is the fact that you can enjoy it virtually whenever and wherever you want!

Regardless of the setting, you can be sure that all of your guests will enjoy all of the interaction and excitement as if they were inside an actual casino.

For this type of party, have table games available such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and Texas Hold ‘Em. Dealers at these tables will be more than happy to show your guests how to play all of these games if they are unfamiliar or have always wanted to learn.

The Holidays as Celebrated Around the World

Holding your holiday party with a bit of international flair is a great way to provide your guests with something that they’ve likely never experienced before.

For instance, consider serving food from many different countries and decorate each table with various items from these same countries.

Furthermore, if some of your guests come from different areas of the world, think about incorporating some of their native traditions into your overall setting.

atlanta theme partyMasquerade Ball

This is one that’s commonly listed when it comes to discussing various holiday-themed party ideas; however, it’s one that’s so classic that it’s hard to not mention repeatedly.

That’s because many people seem to love this kind of theme so much because of all of the intrigue that’s attached to the masks, costumes, etc.

This kind of theme can be made even better when the right venue is chosen for the occasion, such as a ballroom or somewhere that has a rather old world or European-type feel to it.

In fact, there is one particular location in Atlanta that is perfect for a masquerade ball-type event: Paris on Ponce.


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