Halloween season is always known for an event where everyone dresses up in a scary or fun costume, and candies. Halloween Guest BookIf you plan on hosting your own Halloween Party at home or anywhere, aside from the decorations and food, you also need to come up with fun things to do like having fun and exciting games! Who says games are just for kids? Adults know how to have fun too! Here are awesome games that is perfect for your Halloween party for adults. You can use a Halloween Guest Book to record your feelings and thoughts about the party.

Best Halloween Games for Adults

Monster Mash (also known as Newspaper Dance)

After everyone has had a few drinks, let them dance on the dancefloor but with a twist. Ask your guests to pair up with whoever they want and give each pair a sheet of newspaper. The rules are very simple: dance and stop dancing & fit their feet on the sheet of newspaper when the music stops. The newspaper gets smaller and smaller every round (by folding it). The challenge is not to lose their balance the closer they get. The last pair standing will be declared as the winners.

Halloween-Guest-BookSolving a Murder Mystery

Inside your invitation, assign each of your guests a unique character and their profile and ask them to come prepared and act as the character during the party. At the party, your guests will start to ask each other questions in order to solve the “murder.” This is a great way to mingle especially for those who don’t know each other.

A Halloween Guest Book is designed to capture and preserve memories from your incredible Halloween Party event. Each Halloween Party Guestbook has a glossy cover and is 8.25” x 6” in size. There are 110 lightly-lined writing pages for guest to sign in and record their feelings and thoughts about the party. Use your Halloween Guest book for your most outstanding memories and observations.


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