The decor is a very important part of the casino party. This is where the “good time” starts and where the guests can begin to enjoy themselves. Having said that, you really need to put some serious thought into your casino party decorations. You want to create a mood that is both festive and “fun loving” — otherwise, the party will fall flat on it’s face.

Casino Party Decorations to Lighten The Mood…

  1. Lighting. Bright lighting can really put a damper on the evening. If the lights are too bright, every possible flaw andCasino Night Decor shortcoming of the place will be outlined clearly. If the lights are too dim, people won’t be able to see the tables and cards, nor get a good sense of the “atmosphere” of the room.
  2. Centerpieces. Your centerpieces can reflect the casino party theme.  Cards and dice should play a prominent roll in any type of table decor.  Some folks use a top hat as a base, and build the casino theme around that.  Others use large dice made from cardboard or foamcore material.  In addition, confetti shaped with card symbols or dollar signs will help to bring out the theme.  Many of the supplies may be purchased at a craft or a party supply store.
  3. Balloons. Casino party decorations guaranteed to lighten the mood and create that “festive” feeling. Place balloons — typically colored black, red and white to match your theme in bunches all around the room, and on the tables.
  4. Decor. Many decor items, such as large cards and casino-themed pictures may be purchased at a good party store, such as Party City.  They even have decorations that cover the wall.  Once we ran a casino party in a customer’s garage, and because of the decor, the guests felt like it was a real casino.

With a few unique casino party decorations like the ones above, you’ll have no problem getting guests into a celebratory mood that will last all night.


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