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Planning to host a casino party in Atlanta and you have no idea where to start?

Well worry no more because below are some of the factors you need to consider.

Casino Party Budget

Just like any other event, the budget is what comes first before you can incorporate other elements. It will help you weigh the alternatives. You can go for the low budget casino party Atlanta without the extras or go for a much higher one without price limitations.

Often, the price might range between $35 and $150 for each person in attendance. The initial costs to consider in your budget should be the setting or rather venue of the party, food, and drinks and also the party rentals.


Once you set out a budget, the next stop should be to consider why you are holding the Casino party Atlanta in the first place. Getting to understand the Venus factor will help you rule out the venue and the kind of extra you want it to be.

Below are a few reasons why people hold such parties in Atlanta.

  • Sales meetings and corporate events
  • Birthday and wedding parties
  • Employee  appreciation parties
  • Fraternity and Sorority parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Vendor appreciation parties

For instance, if the purpose of the Casino party is fundraising, then it should include a complete sit-down dinner at a quality hotel and also a good and respectable form of entertainment such as a band performance.

While if it’s the case of a birthday party, then it should be held in a local club or even better in someone’s residence, food should be from local outside caterers, and lastly, it should have minimal decorations.

Casino Party Venue

The venue often depends on the size of the casino party Atlanta which you intend to hold. You have unlimited options as you can have your event at a local clubhouse, country club, special event facility, a hotel ballroom among many others.

Whichever venue you choose make sure you book it in advance to avoid last minute hurries.

Casino Party Theme

Take your casino Party Atlanta a notch higher and set it apart from the rest by adding a theme. You have many choices, as there is an array of themes such as Roaring Twenties, which your guests can come dressed in to make it stand out.

Casino Party Decorations

These can be homemade, purchased from a local store or online. Wherever you decide to buy, ensure that they are based on your theme.

Casino Party Food

Again the kind of delicacies you choose should be based on your theme.

Nevertheless, always ensure that there is a continuous supply of food and drinks because most people who are invited to Casino parties Atlanta expect a lot of lavish cakes, desserts among other food delicacies.

Casino Party Entertainment

Lastly, spice up your party with some good form of entertainment such as DJ to keep people on their feet or some excellent background music. The table rentals are often sufficient unless you are having a large fundraiser.

Call 770-867-7044 for casino party rentals in Atlanta.


Employee appreciation is important all year long, but is especially important during the holiday season. Since all jobs require hard work, it is a key element of company empowerment to create a system of appreciation that rewards employees for a job employee-appreciation-ideaswell done.

This also provides a way of showing recognition and encouraging others within the company to strive towards being their best, while also fostering good work ethics in off time interactions.

Some of the best ways to show employee appreciation are simple, but make a lasting impression on the workers and employees in the company scheme.

Employee appreciation can be expressed all year round by having gatherings and events that make time to reward good work.

Their peers, while also demonstrating what it takes to meet the challenges of the work place on an everyday level, recognize individuals.

Here are some examples of how to do this without breaking your company budget this year.

Pizza And A Movieemployee-appreciation-idea

The best employee appreciation events are not planned, but are done in a loosely timed and much less stressful way.

Pizza and a show is a common, yet in expensive way to foster employee appreciation. It can be held at your local pizzeria or you can order multiple pizza pies in house to make a more intimate evening.

Pizza and a movie evenings also make the planning simple, so employees don’t have to use precious work hours planning the appreciation night. It practically plans itself for your needs, so have fun with it.

Appreciation Dinners

atlanta-casino-partyIf your company is all about the formalities, then a more regal style employee appreciation maybe in order.

Hosting a gala appreciation dinner always makes a big impression on the working folk, because they get to see how much the company actually values their hard work.

This means a catered evening, complete with fancy table settings and formal party attire required, but it is worth every penny spent.

It is never bad to spend a little more on employee appreciation dinners, because they leave a lasting memory and make for great morale boosters, especially during the busy holiday or high sales seasons.

Do it up right and make a high-class appreciation dinner, and don’t forget the hand delivered invites.

Other Employee Events

Some of the easiest ways to schedule time for employee appreciation is coordinating this with regular annual events.

Holiday parties during the Christmas and New Years times are normal at most companies, so why not intermix these with a round of toasts for employee

One of the most popular themes for holiday parties is a Casino Night. Your employees will be able to gamble the night away, and maybe win prizes at the end.

Also yearly awards for great work can be announced as part of the festivities. This makes a fun and lighthearted way to get everyone to come to the party, while using time management to create an event that lets everyone applaud their peers in a friendly off time atmosphere.

Think about the many other employee events that your company might use to facilitate employee appreciation and recognition during the holidays.

Employers need to create an appreciation system of recognition and rewards for their employees. This fosters a morale based business ethic and results in better productivity, more interaction within a company and an overall feeling of positivity in the working environment.

Employees are more likely to improve and advance in an environment that rewards and appreciates them for the job they do.


Atlanta Christmas Entertainment – Do something exciting this holiday season by having a holiday event or party. We have the Atlanta Christmas EntertainmentChristmas entertainment you are looking for.

Funtastic Events presents a Casino Party that will reinvent your holiday season with a new tradition.

Make this holiday season memorable by having an Atlanta Christmas Entertainment party that will keep your guest talking for years.

When it comes to the holiday season no party is complete without entertainment, dining, and dancing. You will also need activities to keep your guest entertained. Here are some options to make your Atlanta

Christmas Entertainment party successful:


An organized party that keeps your guests entertained.

When organizing this type of party theme don’t forget to involve dance performances.

Here are some options for your Atlanta Christmas entertainment theme party:


Music is one of the most important choices you can make for your party. You can include a band, DJ or recorded music to help complete your memorable event.

Music helps create a joyous atmosphere and puts your guest in the holiday cheer.

Atlanta Casino PartyHoliday Party Atlanta

With an Atlanta Casino Party it will step your party up a notch.

You can include prizes for your party guest while they enjoy their favorite casino games.

The casino dealers can also teach them new games that will entertain your guests for hours.


Make a magical memory by including magicians in your theme holiday party.

Atlanta Caricature Artists

Your guests will enjoy the attention and the cartoon characters created for them to take home.

This piece of memorable art can be cherished for years to come.

Atlanta Elvis ImpersonatorCelebrity Impersonators

Your party guests will enjoy a celebrity Impersonator. This will make them feel as if they are at Hollywood party.

They will enjoy the meet and greet as well as the photo shoot with their favorite celebrity.

Fortune Teller

You can include a Tarot Card Reading, Palm Reading, Crystal Ball Reading, or Astrology Reading. This will surely entice your guest as everyone loves hearing about what their future holds.

We have what you need to complete your Atlanta Christmas Entertainment needs.

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