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Quinceaneras are celebrated before and still being celebrated even today, most especially in the Hispanic

Quinceanera Guest Book

community. It has been a tradition in the past to have a solemn religious celebration then followed with a reception filled with fun activities. Not everyone is familiar with what a Quinceanera celebration, we’ve put together the frequently asked questions about this event.

Facts About Quinceaneras

  • “Quince” is the Spanish word for fifteen. “Anos” means years. Quinceanera means “she who is fifteen” & symbolizes a young girl going into adulthood. Fifteen is considered the age at which a girl is ready to take on her role as a lady in the community.
  • The passing of the ‘The Last Doll’ is a symbol that marks the end of her childhood. She then passes the doll on to her younger sibling.
  • Before the traditional father-daughter dance, the flat shoes that the girl is wearing is replaced with high heels. Her flats represents her childhood, while her father helps her wear the high heels which is a sign that she is now a lady.
  • A Quinceanera is a very big part of Mexican culture, it symbolizes a young girl going into adulthood, and for us it is like a sweet 16. To become an adult is a very big deal, there are many responsibilities that come with it. To them, it is even saying the young woman is ready for marriage.

Make sure to have your own Quinceanera Guest Book to record memories because it makes as a perfect keepsake for the quinceanera to cherish for a lifetime.

Quinceanera Guest Book is an elegant quinceanera signature guest book, featuring lovely pink flowers on a shoe on the cover. This 15 quinceanera guestbook has 110 lightly-lined pages for guests to write their best wishes and thoughts on this memorable day. It makes a perfect keepsake for the quinceanera to cherish for a lifetime. This quinceanera theme guest book is an essential part of your quinceanera accessories.




Casino Party Atlanta a place for fun. Atlanta Casino Party Rentals can used for entertainment, meetings,  Atlanta Casino Party Rentals dancing, parties, or even reunions.

A lot of people however had bad experiences with casinos. Considered a place that makes you lose everything. Promising riches you cannot fathom to achieve.

There are ways to make casino party time a fun time. Gambling to be comparable with going out with friends on a nightclub or watching entertainment movies or parties. Ways that would help you pursue gambling wisely and enjoy your time while doing it.

Know your limits. Get control over the fact that when you go inside a casino party, you might go out empty-handed. So set your limit. Put aside the amount you are willing to spend and settle on the thought that you will have fun playing even when you are not getting any winnings with you. Just be are to understand the house rules. The rules for every game and be wise about it.

Start with the game of chance. Slot machines are fun at a time. You just have to put in our coin and see if you win. Win or lose you, still are having fun doing it. You might also want to try the roulette. No skill is required just like the slot machines. Just pure luck.

Play by the rules. When moving on to a more serious and intimidating game, try leaning the rules of these skilled based games. Playing cards is one of these games and you have to know more on the rules and techniques or strategies. Almost all casinos are willing to teach new customers or you might go with a knowledgeable friend. Be sure to pick a table where there are less spectators for you to concentrate.

Follow etiquette in casinos.  Be courteous, to stay on the good sides of dealers and players. Specific rules should Atlanta Casino Party Rentalsbe followed and don’t use your cellphone at the tables. If ever you win a game, wait for you winnings to be pushed towards you. Don’t grab it before he does.  Tip dealers with the prescribed amount for every winnings or games and don’t tip with cash but chips.

The most important thing to remember in going to a Casino Themed Party Atlanta is to have fun. When you have already won, try to quit while you’re ahead. Relax, have fun and control yourself. Don’t forget your financial limits and enjoy our self.

Casino Party Atlanta has these novice-friendly games and other casino party supplies ready for your next casino party event. We offer full-service casino parties, table rentals only, and every choice in between. Based in metro Atlanta, we service all of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and parts of Kentucky, Florida, Mississippi, and Virginia.

So, when you’re looking for a Casino Party Atlanta, make your next event a Funtastic one!

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Planning to host a casino party in Atlanta and you have no idea where to start?

Well worry no more because below are some of the factors you need to consider.

Casino Party Budget

Just like any other event, the budget is what comes first before you can incorporate other elements. It will help you weigh the alternatives. You can go for the low budget casino party Atlanta without the extras or go for a much higher one without price limitations.

Often, the price might range between $35 and $150 for each person in attendance. The initial costs to consider in your budget should be the setting or rather venue of the party, food, and drinks and also the party rentals.


Once you set out a budget, the next stop should be to consider why you are holding the Casino party Atlanta in the first place. Getting to understand the Venus factor will help you rule out the venue and the kind of extra you want it to be.

Below are a few reasons why people hold such parties in Atlanta.

  • Sales meetings and corporate events
  • Birthday and wedding parties
  • Employee  appreciation parties
  • Fraternity and Sorority parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Vendor appreciation parties

For instance, if the purpose of the Casino party is fundraising, then it should include a complete sit-down dinner at a quality hotel and also a good and respectable form of entertainment such as a band performance.

While if it’s the case of a birthday party, then it should be held in a local club or even better in someone’s residence, food should be from local outside caterers, and lastly, it should have minimal decorations.

Casino Party Venue

The venue often depends on the size of the casino party Atlanta which you intend to hold. You have unlimited options as you can have your event at a local clubhouse, country club, special event facility, a hotel ballroom among many others.

Whichever venue you choose make sure you book it in advance to avoid last minute hurries.

Casino Party Theme

Take your casino Party Atlanta a notch higher and set it apart from the rest by adding a theme. You have many choices, as there is an array of themes such as Roaring Twenties, which your guests can come dressed in to make it stand out.

Casino Party Decorations

These can be homemade, purchased from a local store or online. Wherever you decide to buy, ensure that they are based on your theme.

Casino Party Food

Again the kind of delicacies you choose should be based on your theme.

Nevertheless, always ensure that there is a continuous supply of food and drinks because most people who are invited to Casino parties Atlanta expect a lot of lavish cakes, desserts among other food delicacies.

Casino Party Entertainment

Lastly, spice up your party with some good form of entertainment such as DJ to keep people on their feet or some excellent background music. The table rentals are often sufficient unless you are having a large fundraiser.

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Your 50th birthday is a special time because it celebrates the achievements and life lessons you accumulated to this point, and your loved ones can enjoy the moment with you.

If you are planning your celebration and stumped for theme ideas, these fun suggestions might work for you.

Casino Themed Party

People love casino games so you can have a casino game night as your party theme. Rent some casino tables, such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps and play for small prizes.

Serve cocktails and mocktails for those who don’t consume alcohol. Rent some casino tables and the guests can play craps or blackjack. Since the bulk of James Bond movies had casino settings, everyone can dress like characters in those movies.

Academic Milestone Theme

Maybe you just completed your doctorate degree and you will soon begin your career as a college professor. Celebrate this milestone with an academic theme to your 50th birthday party.

Decorate your party area with the colors of the school you graduated from and you can use pieces of classical sheet music as placemats for your dinnerware.

Couples Only 50th Birthday Party

If you always wanted to have a birthday party with just other couples like you and your spouse, then your 50th birthday is the best time for it.

Call some married friends and relatives and invite them to your party. You can have trivia games where couples can test how well they know each other, and the guests can sign a book where they all give you and your spouse marital advice that would be appropriate for those over 50.

In conclusion, these neat ideas will make your 50th birthday memorable and fun for all who attend.


If you have a special event coming up, why not make it a casino theme party?

Based in Atlanta, Funtastic Events has everything you need to hit the jackpot with your guests!casino-theme-party

Whether you are planning for a birthday or bachelor party, corporate event or wedding, we can help make your special day unforgettable!

In order to provide the full experience for your guests, consider the following elements regarding your event:


Let your guests know the theme in advance so they can prepare their best casino costumes – black tie and formal for a Casino Royale type event, or bold and glittery for Vegas style.

Whether by email, social media or traditional mail, your invitation is your guests’ first clue about your event, so make it stand out!

Color Theme

Black, white and red, as the colors of playing cards and dice, are a no-brainer for your color theme.

Add in touches of green for money and casino game tables and you have a ready-made color palette.

Choose table decorations and party favors in these colors to complete the look.


atlanta-casino-partySpeaking of decorations, there are so many fun items you can choose from to enhance your casino atmosphere.

You can decorate tables with red and black confetti and balloons, centerpieces that feature playing cards or dice and tableware in your theme colors.

Around the room, you can feature casino banners, signs for Las Vegas and more balloons and streamers in your colors. Even the food can get involved with decorated desserts featuring playing cards or poker chips and drink glasses with fun decorations.

The only limit is your imagination!


Any great party needs great music. Your playlist can include songs about Las Vegas, gambling, taking chances, card games or even loving and losing, for fun. Keep the mood upbeat so your guests will be, too.

Casino Games

Naturally, your casino party must include casino games. You can set up card and game table stations for your guests to try their hand at several different

Your budget, as well as the number of guests, may determine how many tables you have, but whatever your choice, Funtastic Events can provide tables as well as croupiers for games such as blackjack, roulette and poker.

When it comes time to plan your next casino event, call on Funtastic Events to make your Atlanta Casino Party one-of-a-kind.

Whatever your event, venue or budget, we can create a party that your guests will love and talk about for a long time to come.

Gambling may be a risk, but one thing you can bet on is your guests having a fabulous time!


atlanta casino rentalsAtlanta Casino Rentals – A popular theme for any party is the Casino Party, but before you get too invested in this particular theme, make certain you know the rules.

Many question the legality of casino party rentals, but with due diligence and careful planning you can make it a night to remember.

Rules to Follow

Most states have no problem with a casino party, but there are rules you need to follow in order to keep your night fun, entertaining, and above all, legal.

1) No currency can change hands at a casino-themed party. This means no equal exchange between real money and play money, or real money and casino chips. Many fundraising groups will sell raffle tickets ant then offer free play money with the raffle tickets.

You cannot legally gamble with money at a casino party, nor can you even dole out cash prizes. You can make the night entertaining by awarding various prizes that gamers can win as a result of playing the game.

2) The host must be in charge of prize dispersal.

The company being hired to perform the casino night can be paid to provide the prizes, but the host must be in charge of how they are earned and delivered to the party rentals

3) The dealers cannot be tipped at the table.

It is not illegal for dealers to accept tips, but it is considered good etiquette and the law to offer such gratuity when they are away from the table.

With that being said a casino party is a raucous good time for all and a night to truly let loose and enjoy yourself. So long as no actual money is changing hands, it is a perfectly legal and entertaining time for all.

When you think of Atlanta Casino Rentals, think of Funtastic Events. We’ve run and managed over 6000 fun events since 1985.



Turning sixteen is an important event for most teenagers. It’s just one step closer to adulthood, which offers them more privileges as well as responsibilities. A birthday celebrating this event should be special and tailored specifically to your son or daughter’s personal preferences. Whether they’re social butterflies and want a huge blow out or they prefer a smaller more intimate gathering, the party should reflect this. If you’re stressing about the preparations, or just want to seesweet sixteen party a list of popular party ideas, you’ll find numerous tips and suggestions below.

  1.  You don’t have to pick a theme for the party, but it will definitely make the planning process more organized and focused. Anything from a candy theme to a car theme to a Casino Party theme will be fun for everyone. If you’ve decided to choose a theme, you can easily incorporate it into the decorations, invitations and the cake.
  2.  Obviously you know when the big event is going to occur, so choosing a date shouldn’t be too difficult. Just make sure to plan it for the preceding or following weekend if it doesn’t already fall on a weekend day. Have you son or daughter choose who they want to invite and prepare the invitations at least two weeks in advance. This will give you the opportunity to fine tune your preparation needs and it will also ensure that more guests will be able to attend.
  3.  Think about where you want to hold the party. Depending on the time of year, you may choose to hold your event inside or outdoors.  Make sure you have enough tables and chairs for your guests.  If your space is limited, you might have to rent a facility, such as a clubhouse or park pavilion.
  4.  Choosing what to serve at the party shouldn’t be too stressful. If the party is going to be fairly large, then you might not want to be stuck in the kitchen for hours and hours beforehand. Consider having it catered from your son or daughter’s favorite restaurant. They’ll be able to offer the best suggestions regarding quantity, so you won’t have to worry about havingcasino theme party ideas too much or too little.
  5.  Once you’ve narrowed down the theme, food and location, it’s time to start preparing for the big event. If you can, get the majority of your supplies at least a week in advance. There’s nothing worse than running last minute errands the day of the party. Just make a thorough list of absolutely everything you’ll need, so that nothing is left out.

Whether you have a huge party or a small gathering, you’re son or daughter is sure to appreciate all of your effort. Just make it a priority to plan the party in a way that will take their wishes and desires into account. And make sure that you take care of all the preparations in advance so that you won’t be incredibly overwhelmed and stressed about the event.