50th birthday party ideas50th birthday party ideas – 50th birthdays are memorable. This is because it is a birthday where people earned the maximum experiences in life. It is that time of life when people have successfully crossed the major challenges in life.

Therefore, you must always make the best efforts to make an individual’s 50th birthday memorable and special. For this, it is important that you look out for the best 50th birthday party ideas.

Proper Planning

Planning a 50th birthday is really challenging, but by using the right methods and by carrying out a thorough search, 50th birthdays can be planned in the grandest way possible.

Surprise Party?

50th birthday party themesThere are some who like surprises while there are others who are not fond of surprises.

If you have made up your mind to throw a surprise 50th birthday bash, you need to plan accordingly and also coordinate with the guests.

Planning a Casino Party

Planning a casino party would be the best thing that you can do for a person’s 50th birthday. Casino parties are interactive themes for birthdays.

Guests get the experience of gambling at real casinos and they also compete for different prizes.


Choosing a party theme for teenagers is sometimes considered challenging (like the teens themselves).  Be rest assured that there are a number of suitable themes available for this age bracket.  What are your kids and their friends watching on TV?  What type of music do they listen to?   What type of magazines do they read?  What are the themes of computer games they play?  Now’s the time to be creative and let your imagination run wild.

P4260001_1024Scavenger Hunt

You can easily plan a scavenger hunt. You can hide useful items and tools in various locations, including things to eat and other items. People really love the scavenger hunt theme especially if you decorate for it in a special way. Pick a theme, such as Country & Western and serve food that matches the theme.  Arranging such a theme is also not difficult but requires some thought and a bit of imagination.

Golden Oldies

Teens of all ages love to dress up and have fun so better way than to host a golden oldies party for them. The time can either be the 40′s 50′s or the 60′s and every one can be dressed in costumes that reflect those times. Have the kids dressed up as roaring twenties for a different theme they’ve never thought of.

Most people appreciate the music of the two kings, Elvis and Michael Jackson.  go for music of the  Elvis Presley. If you are looking for something funkier you can have a 1960′s party. The first album I ever purchased was the soundtrack from the movie Woodstock, so try watching the documentary to get some great ideas.  You’ll also get to enjoy tParty Themes For Teenshe music as well, which is an added benefit.

Have kids dressed in bell bottom pants with patches and tyedie shirts, girls can be dressed in mini skirts and wigs of long hair and funky glasses. You can even have the girls braid their hair.  Don’t forget head scarves and beaded necklaces. If you run out of ideas, rent or download a sixties era video to spark your imagination.  Black light posters will add to the mood as well.

Casino Fun Party

Teens love casino fun parties.  Not only will they learn to play different casino games, they get to show off their competitive natures.  With the popularity of Texas Hold ‘em, you can even plan a Poker Tournament.  This theme is not only one of the most interactive, it’s also one of the most popular as well.



More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of rewarding the achievements of their staff.  This is an element of team building, which has a proven track record in optimizing efficiency and output of a team, which in turn increases profits for the Employee Appreciation Partycompany.

A popular choice of a reward, is a fun casino evening.  The emphasis is placed firmly on fun, rather than gambling, though they can become quite intense when a fair amount of cash is riding on the throw of a dice, or a turn of a card.  They also offer something quite new and different from a bowling night, or a meal out.  Many people are familiar to some degree with casino games, but have never actually set foot in a casino.

The beauty of this type of reward, is that the staff will appreciate the efforts the company has put forth to reward them.  Everyone likes being rewarded, even if the reward itself was not what they wanted.  It is the thought that counts, and the feeling that their efforts have counted for something.   Conversely, should their be no reward for achievement or effort, many people become disillusioned and despondent, and this is not good for any kind of company or organization.

Casino Party Atlanta has become the premiere fun casino party rental company in the southeast. With over 20 years of experience, each party is run smoothly and with enthusiasm. They have the knowledge, and the expertise to bring such an event to life.


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The decor is a very important part of the casino party. This is where the “good time” starts and where the guests can begin to enjoy themselves. Having said that, you really need to put some serious thought into your casino party decorations. You want to create a mood that is both festive and “fun loving” — otherwise, the party will fall flat on it’s face.

Casino Party Decorations to Lighten The Mood…

  1. Lighting. Bright lighting can really put a damper on the evening. If the lights are too bright, every possible flaw andCasino Night Decor shortcoming of the place will be outlined clearly. If the lights are too dim, people won’t be able to see the tables and cards, nor get a good sense of the “atmosphere” of the room.
  2. Centerpieces. Your centerpieces can reflect the casino party theme.  Cards and dice should play a prominent roll in any type of table decor.  Some folks use a top hat as a base, and build the casino theme around that.  Others use large dice made from cardboard or foamcore material.  In addition, confetti shaped with card symbols or dollar signs will help to bring out the theme.  Many of the supplies may be purchased at a craft or a party supply store.
  3. Balloons. Casino party decorations guaranteed to lighten the mood and create that “festive” feeling. Place balloons — typically colored black, red and white to match your theme in bunches all around the room, and on the tables.
  4. Decor. Many decor items, such as large cards and casino-themed pictures may be purchased at a good party store, such as Party City.  They even have decorations that cover the wall.  Once we ran a casino party in a customer’s garage, and because of the decor, the guests felt like it was a real casino.

With a few unique casino party decorations like the ones above, you’ll have no problem getting guests into a celebratory mood that will last all night.


Turning sixteen is an important event for most teenagers. It’s just one step closer to adulthood, which offers them more privileges as well as responsibilities. A birthday celebrating this event should be special and tailored specifically to your son or daughter’s personal preferences. Whether they’re social butterflies and want a huge blow out or they prefer a smaller more intimate gathering, the party should reflect this. If you’re stressing about the preparations, or just want to seesweet sixteen party a list of popular party ideas, you’ll find numerous tips and suggestions below.

  1.  You don’t have to pick a theme for the party, but it will definitely make the planning process more organized and focused. Anything from a candy theme to a car theme to a Casino Party theme will be fun for everyone. If you’ve decided to choose a theme, you can easily incorporate it into the decorations, invitations and the cake.
  2.  Obviously you know when the big event is going to occur, so choosing a date shouldn’t be too difficult. Just make sure to plan it for the preceding or following weekend if it doesn’t already fall on a weekend day. Have you son or daughter choose who they want to invite and prepare the invitations at least two weeks in advance. This will give you the opportunity to fine tune your preparation needs and it will also ensure that more guests will be able to attend.
  3.  Think about where you want to hold the party. Depending on the time of year, you may choose to hold your event inside or outdoors.  Make sure you have enough tables and chairs for your guests.  If your space is limited, you might have to rent a facility, such as a clubhouse or park pavilion.
  4.  Choosing what to serve at the party shouldn’t be too stressful. If the party is going to be fairly large, then you might not want to be stuck in the kitchen for hours and hours beforehand. Consider having it catered from your son or daughter’s favorite restaurant. They’ll be able to offer the best suggestions regarding quantity, so you won’t have to worry about havingcasino theme party ideas too much or too little.
  5.  Once you’ve narrowed down the theme, food and location, it’s time to start preparing for the big event. If you can, get the majority of your supplies at least a week in advance. There’s nothing worse than running last minute errands the day of the party. Just make a thorough list of absolutely everything you’ll need, so that nothing is left out.

Whether you have a huge party or a small gathering, you’re son or daughter is sure to appreciate all of your effort. Just make it a priority to plan the party in a way that will take their wishes and desires into account. And make sure that you take care of all the preparations in advance so that you won’t be incredibly overwhelmed and stressed about the event.


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