If you want to plan on throwing a Hollywood-themed party anytime soon, then you should also plan on sparing absolutely no Hollywood Theme Partyexpense to entertain all of your guests and provide them with a great overall experience.

This is also a great type of theme to utilize for a birthday party, as guests will be able to dress up in different costumes and have all sorts of fun, especially if they’re people who love the movies!

Here are some useful tips to make note of in order to ensure that you are able to throw a successful Hollywood party!


When it comes to the invitations, be as creative as you possibly can. Rather than purchasing them from a store or having them pre-made, make the invitations yourself. Consider using a lot of glitter to add a sense of Hollywood glamour!

hollywood theme party ideasCostumes

For this type of party, you will want to encourage your guests to come dressed up as their favorite Hollywood actor or actress.

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to request that they bring their own makeup and hair accessories, as chances are you may not have enough of your own to provide for them. If you wish to do so, you could choose to have some extra accessories on hand.


To help create a Hollywood-type feel, have a red carpet as part of the entrance to your party. If your local party store does not hollywood party decorationshave something like this available, inquire as to where you can obtain one.

Party Decorations

These can consist of fancy streamers and gold balloons, which can be hung up around the space to make it appear as glamorous as possible. Additionally, you could also utilize elegant centerpieces and chic tablecloths for any tables that may be in the room as well.

Ehollywood party ideasntertainment

The entertainment that you choose for your party is ultimately up to you; however, some popular choices include an Elvis impersonator and fun casino games, both of which will really get all of your guests involved.


The food choices should be cute and chic in style; however, there should be plenty of it. After all, you want to make sure that your guests don’t starve to death while they’re having fun!


Since it’s a Hollywood-themed party, one fun activity to consider planning is an interview with your guests. This means that you will need to have the following available:

  • Video camera
  • Interviewer (likely yourself)
  • Celebrity” (any one of your party guests)

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