It’s that time of year again. The time of year when men celebrate and women shake their heads in dismay.Mustache Party

Movember or No Shave November is here again; the time of year many men slack on their grooming rituals and stop shaving for the whole month of November.

While this tradition may drive your girlfriend crazy, it is actually doing a lot of good in society.

Just like October is reserved for Breast Cancer Awareness, Movember was started as a way to bring awareness to various men’s health issues including mental health, testicular health, and prostate cancer.

During the month, men will choose to grow out their mustaches or beards for the whole month in order to spark a conversation about men’s health and then collect donations.

If you are looking to collect donations and raise awareness for your men’s health cause, consider throwing a Mo Party or Movember Party. There are many options you can choose to throw a killer party that everyone will want to attend.

Host it at a local bar, restaurant or subdivision clubhouse and bring something to work to raise awareness, or even throw a personal party in your own home.

Here are some great tips that you can follow when you’re ready to throw your own Mo Party!

mustaucheAdd Mustaches

It can be hard to find party decorations that look like mustaches so you need to get a bit creative with adding these in. Consider drawing some mustaches, or use construction paper, to add mustaches on your invitations.

Make sure that you add all the details about your event including how the guests can RSVP. Electronic invites can be used as well; making it easier to find the design you want and get it out fast.

To let your guests know the theme of the party, print out a mustache banner and hang it in the entrance so everyone can see. If you are asking for donations, leave this in plain sight for guests to get to when ready.



Your party will need a color scheme so decide this early so you can find all the party decorations to go together.

You can use garland, streamers, paper lanterns or other hanging decorations that are reminiscent of mustaches, even though they aren’t quite the same. Bring in some mustaches to add to the wall to really bring it together.

For an easy table decoration, bring in the balloons. A sharpie can be used to draw mustaches on each balloon or find stickers to make this fit into our theme.

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Of course, you will need to add in some different games and entertainment for your guests.

Casino tables are an easy place to start. Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Poker are the most popular.

Guess That ‘Stache is another option where you print out pictures of famous celebrities and then have guests guess who the mustache belongs too.

There are many options for great games and you can choose to have prizes associated or make it all in good fun!

A Mo Party is a great way to bring awareness to men’s health issues while having a little bit of fun at the same time.

Bring together some of your friends and family and have a great time while donating to your favorite cause!



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