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Quinceaneras are celebrated before and still being celebrated even today, most especially in the Hispanic

Quinceanera Guest Book

community. It has been a tradition in the past to have a solemn religious celebration then followed with a reception filled with fun activities. Not everyone is familiar with what a Quinceanera celebration, we’ve put together the frequently asked questions about this event.

Facts About Quinceaneras

  • “Quince” is the Spanish word for fifteen. “Anos” means years. Quinceanera means “she who is fifteen” & symbolizes a young girl going into adulthood. Fifteen is considered the age at which a girl is ready to take on her role as a lady in the community.
  • The passing of the ‘The Last Doll’ is a symbol that marks the end of her childhood. She then passes the doll on to her younger sibling.
  • Before the traditional father-daughter dance, the flat shoes that the girl is wearing is replaced with high heels. Her flats represents her childhood, while her father helps her wear the high heels which is a sign that she is now a lady.
  • A Quinceanera is a very big part of Mexican culture, it symbolizes a young girl going into adulthood, and for us it is like a sweet 16. To become an adult is a very big deal, there are many responsibilities that come with it. To them, it is even saying the young woman is ready for marriage.

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